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June 19, 2024

The login procedure is utilized when a user needs to use the web-based utility in Wavlink . Wavlink extender. It happens whenever a user attempts to access the web management page using the computer. If you’re operating a device that is mobile,, you don’t need to complete the login procedure, you are able to directly navigate to the Dashboard menu or unless you’ve not been logged out.

How to log in into your account on Wavlink range extender?

  • 1. Start an internet browser on your device connected to the network.
  • 2. Enter in the address bar of your browser. If you encounter any type of error, enter the IP address for the LAN of the extender into the URL of your browser.
  • 3. Wavlink’s IP address for Wavlink extender Wavlink extender can be found at
  • 4. Press enter to open the login screen. The default Wavlink extension login window opens at the top of the screen.
  • 5. Enter “admin” as the username and enter the password that you set during the setup procedure. In the password field, type “admin” on the password field If you haven’t changed your default password yet.
  • 6. Both login credentials fields are case sensitive.
  • 7. Click the login button to sign into this window. Then you will be able to access all options and settings of your Wavlink extension device.

Be sure to complete all the required fields when entering the password to login in the window. The users are advised to turn on this feature to ensure that in the event of forgetting the administrator password, you are able to quickly retrieve it.

How do you set up a router the most important first step is connecting your extender to your router. It is essential for the user to be aware of what Wireless details of their router in order for connecting his extender to his router. The efficiency of the extender heavily depends on the status of the network that the router is in. Make sure that the extender is in the range that the router’s networks.

These are steps you need to follow to join the Wav link range extender to your router.

  • 1. When you connect to the Wi-Fi network of the extender range. Go to the settings page of this Wavlink extender.
  • 2. Select the language you would like to use as the interface. Then, type in the admin password that is default in the Password tab.
  • 3. Log in using the button.
  • 4. Choose the country region where you will use using the extension device.
  • 5. Choose the time zone that corresponds to your region chose.
  • 6. Create a new login account password to the Wavlink extender’s login window by clicking The login tab.
  • 7. Click Next after you’ve finished.
  • 8. You can customize the Wi-Fi settings on your extender, including the name of the network along with the Wi-fi password as well as the security settings for your extended network.
  • 9. Make sure to click your “select” a Wi-fi option and then the list of Wi-fi networks that are available will appear in the display.
  • 10. Choose the Wi-fi name for the router, and then type in the Wi-Fi password for the router into the field.
  • 11. If you own a dual-band router, you can enter the SSID name for both the Wi-fi name in the respective fields.
  • 12. Also, you must choose the Repeater mode in the option. Gateway is the recommended mode to users.
  • 13. Click on Connect once you’re done.
  • 14. It is necessary to wait several seconds for the extender to connect with your router.
  • 15. It is necessary to join the extender after the current settings are completed.

It’s important to note that if it’s your first time connected to this Wavlink extender, you do not need to enter the login screen. When you connect via wireless to extender you’ll automatically be redirected onto the configuration page. If you don’t get automatically directed, you need to manually enter on the address of your browser. You could also type for the web address for the browser.