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June 19, 2024

Sometimes , the internet ( ) is unavailable following the setup procedure since the Internet transforms from one connection for a short period to a permanent one. The user must make sure that he’s properly established the Internet when setting up since it is the sole need for a router that is working at home. After the installation of the internet on the network, if a user is still experiencing a sudden loss of bandwidth , and unusual behavior of the internet Bandwidth Here are the solutions the user can employ to fix the issue.

  • 1. Contact the Internet service provider and inquire whether they’re experiencing an Wide Area Network issue or not. If they’re having an WAN issue, you are unable to resolve the issue however, over time, the Internet issue will be automatically solved.
  • 2. Use the speed test feature to determine the speed the Internet service provider can provide. Users can also seek the aid of various speed test programs to assess that the internet is speedy. Internet within the network. If the results for speed are similar this means the problem is with your Internet Service Provider. You can reach out to your ISP to resolve your Internet problem.
  • 3. Remove your router from the device on which you’re currently using the internet. Switch to a different device. If the new computer or device does not experience the same problem like the first one, it is possible that your system is having an operating system issue or a hardware problem. Be sure that the device that you use to access the internet is up-to-date and equipped with firewall and anti-virus software. Sometimes bugs and viruses within your device could cause a slowdown in the performance of your system which directly impacts the Internet speed of your PC.
  • 4. If you find that your Amped router connects to your computer using an internet connection You can test the strength of your signal on the front of the Amped router. When the bars of signal are greater than 3 it indicates that the router is located at an appropriate location from the computer. In case the bar signal on your router are lower than 3, it is necessary to move your router closer to your laptop. A user can also check the Network Status of his router through the menu dashboard of the window.
  • 5. Check that the browser that you are using for using the internet is up-to-date and does not have a cache. Sometimes the cache files become too stuffed up in the cache that it stops the user access to the internet or causes obstacles when using the internet. Users can clear the cache by going to the settings menu of the browser.

Amped router setup through : How to setup a new Amped router?

It’s a wireless network that allows computers to be connected wirelessly to a router via Wi-fi signals. Check that your system is within the distance of your router so that it can allow your router to be connected to the computer. The user must possess the Wi-Fi Network name as well as the password in order to be able to connect the router using an internet connection.
Steps to setup the through a wireless connection

  • 1. The power cable from the router you are using to an open power switch, and then switch the switch on.
  • 2. Turn on your laptop and go to the Wi-Fi section of your system.
  • 3. Search for the default name for your router, then click it. You can find the Wi-Fi name that is default in the name of the router that is on the back of the device.
  • 4. The user is also able to change his default name for Network to ensure greater security.
  • 5. When you select that default name for the network, write down the default WiFi password. The standard Wi-Fi password in the label of the product underneath the default network name.
  • 6. After you have entered the password, click Connect. 
  • 7. If the auto-launch doesn’t work, you have to type on the web address of your browser and then have to press the enter button.
  • 8. Users are advised to set a password to login to this Amped Router login window to block unwanted users from gaining access to your network.

Be sure to refer to the online manual guide in case a user requires details about the Wireless network and the credentials for a new network. The user may also contact the Internet Service Provider for any specifics about this WLAN adapter. When completing the Amped router configuration process it is essential to be sure to know his default Wireless credentials for the network. When making a connection to the Amped router first,, a user must apply those default wireless passwords to the respective fields for credentials in order to connect with the router.