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June 19, 2024

1. Input http://dlinkrouter.local into the web browser’s address
2. Enter the Admin Password within the box provided. If your password has not been altered from the default password the password box must be empty. When you click on the Log in button you will be able to log in.
3. Choose Management by selecting the drop-down list and then place your mouse in the top left-hand corner on the
4. If you want to change your Administrator’s password, enter an entirely new password into the Admin Password
5. To save the setup currently in use to save the current setup, click save.

Is it possible to connect to the dlink wifi extender using the IP address? http://dlinkrouter local

Yes, it can. If you wish to log into dlink through an IP then follow the steps below.

Open a Browser Enter your IP address ‘’ (or) local.
In the ‘Username’ as well as ‘Password fields after you’ve been directed to the page where you can fill in the
Select Login from the drop-down menu
Following these steps, you’ll be able to quickly log in to
What can I do to fix the issue caused by dlinkrouter.local not working?
The D-Link Extension Login Page dlinkrouter.local not working is a frequent issue that many users experience. In this instance the user is able to use the extension’s default IP address, which is You will be taken to the login page for D-Link Extenders.

Causes for why dlinkrouter.local is not working.

VPN software:
Users using third-party VPN software could have problems with

  • dlinkrouter.local is not working.
  • Dlink is not compatible with VPN software, so users can’t connect to dlinkrouter.local.
  • In this case it is recommended to remove the VPN software as soon as you can.
  • It is possible to solve the problem that is dlinkrouter.local not working after you remove the program.

Firmware that is out of date:
This error occurs when the user has an older firmware. The Dlink page might not be open completely in earlier firmware.
Therefore, we suggest that our Dlink users regularly update their router firmware.
The password you entered is incorrect.
You will not be able use the dlink.ap website if you sign onto the WiFi network using an insecure password.
Therefore, make sure you make sure you double-check your login information every time you type them in.

It is incorrect to assign an IP address:
The dlinkrouter.local error is displayed when you type in the incorrect IP address inside the URL field.
Dlink’s IP addresses are Dlink is
dlinkrouter.local doesn’t load when users type in the IP address of a different router. Therefore, you must type your correct address we’ve provided you with.

Solutions for how to resolve the issue that results from http://dlinkrouter local not working

1. Check that the domain you’re trying to access is correctly spelled.
2. Clear your browser’s caches and cookies, or switch to a new
3. Make sure you’re not making use of any other third party VPN software. If you’re using it, remove it.
4. Unplug the extender and connect
5. Make sure that the LED light on your extension is on.
6. Make use of the IP default URL if the internet connection is accessible.
7. Join the network wirelessly by using the default software as well as the password that is default.