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June 19, 2024

http://Linksyssmartwifi com – To restart the router by using the power cord follow the following steps:

  • Begin by disconnecting your cable from both the router as well as the modem.
  • Take 10 seconds, then connect the power cord to the modem once more. The modem must be powered.
  • When the modem’s “online” indicator stops blinking, connect with the modem’s power supply.
  • Then, wait until the light at the front of your router ceases to blink. You should wait for 2 minutes before connecting to the internet using your computer.

If you receive the Internet cable is not connected in your message

If you are confronted with the following error: Internet cable isn’t plugged in message when installing the router, follow these steps below to fix the issue:

  • First, make sure first that the Ethernet cable that came by the router is connected into the internet port that is yellow at side of router. Make sure that it’s securely connected to the right port for the modem.
  • The modem should connect to the source of power correctly and then turned on.
  • If you’re using the internet cable service, make sure that the CABLE port on the cable modem connects to the coaxial cable supplied from the ISP.
  • If you’re connected to this DSL web service be sure your DSL telephone line connects to your router’s DSL port.
  • Remove the USB cable if the computer was earlier hooked up to the modem using through the USB cable.
  • Finally, you may attempt to install the router once more.

How can I access the router’s messages?

It is crucial to connect to the router’s wireless network to connect to the router. If you have internet with wireless access, you could connect to an unrelated wireless network by accident. To resolve this error take the steps listed in the following steps:

  • Begin by selecting the Wireless icon from the tray of your system. There will be a list of networks.
  • Once you have selected the network name. Click Connect.
  • The user will be asked to input the security code for the network. Input the password in the security field for your network and click OK. The computer will then join the network, therefore you will be able to access the router with ease now.

Why is the internet appearing to be inaccessible? – http://Linksyssmartwifi com

There are times when you may experience issues when connecting to the router, which is why you could get an “Cannot find” Internet URL message in your web browser. There may be problems with the ISP even if you are certain that the address you are using is legitimate and has been tried numerous times. If this is the case you can try one of the following options:

  • In the first place, be sure the network and power cables are properly connected.
  • The outlet that the router’s power source is must be able to supply enough power.
  • You could also try rebooting your router.
  • Other troubleshooting suggestions for an failure of the router configuration
  • Try disabling your firewall on your computer, and also remove the antivirus software for a short time.
  • The issue could be in the computer. Therefore, you can use any computer to set up the router.
  • If you’re connecting via wired connections, make sure they’re safe.
  • Reset the router at last minute if nothing happens.

How can I reset the Linksys EA7500? – http://Linksyssmartwifi com

It is possible to set the Linksys router at the conclusion in the event that you don’t succeed in the previously mentioned troubleshooting techniques. Be sure that prior to starting the reset procedure it is essential to have a backup of all configurations because they cannot be restored once the reset process is completed. Start by following the steps if you’ve chosen to reset your Linksys router:

  • Use the reset button on the router using the assistance of a pin or paperclip. It is possible to press it for a minimum of 10 seconds or until the light turns on.
  • The router will be rebooted to factory defaults, then.


The Linksys ea7500 setup and log-in process for the http://linksysSmartwifi com router is explained in a straightforward and easy way. If you encounter any difficulties in the Linksys router setup procedure you can contact our specialists via the toll-free number right now.