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April 23, 2024

Be sure ( dlink router login page ) to have an active internet connection with your ISP.

You will need a computer or laptop for setting up the D-Link DIR-819 WiFi router.

the D-Link Router Configuration Wizard GUI might be Black and orange, or white and blue in the color.

The Internet modem should be functioning properly.

The steps in order to modify how to change the Wireless Security password for the D-Link routers.

ON ORIGINAL GUI BLACK 7 ORANGE ( dlink router login page )

  • Login to your router’s configuration screen. Start a new browser on your personal computer or other device connected to the router’s network. enter dlinkrouter.local in the search bar. Or check using the IP Address.
  • A login window is displayed the screen of your device.
  • Log in with the admin username and then leave the password field blank. If you’ve previously changed your passwords before, you should enter the new password.
  • You are now at page D-Link Web configuration page Original GUI
  • Select using Wireless Settings on the left side menu.
  • Select to click the Manual Wireless Network Setup button at the end of the page to establish for New Password.
  • Input your New Wi-Fi password. On the end of this page, type in the brand new Wireless Network Password in front of Pre-Shared Key. It is possible to remove all dots in front of Pre-Shared Key. Enter the password in a secure manner and save it to use in the future.

Note: Make sure to note this: the pre-shared key is the Network Wireless password or Wi-Fi password.

  • Select the Save settings button at on the upper right corner of the page to save your new settings.

It’s done! Wireless Password process is complete today. It is now possible to connect your wireless or wired device using Wi-Fi password.

ON NEW GUI – WHITE AND BLUE ( dlink router login page )

Login to D-Link’s D-Link configuration page using dlinkrouter.local. If you’re not sure how to log in to your router’s configuration, follow the steps in the previous article.

  • On Homepage. go to dlinkrouter.local
  • The Wireless page, you will be able to view all Wireless information for your router.
  • In the Password area, you can remove the password you have already entered and then enter your new password for Wi-Fi. The new password should comprise between 8 and 63 characters according to the recommendations. Make a record of your new password for Wi-Fi in case of future use.
  • You can change your password for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.
  • Click Save near the top to save new settings.

The process for changing passwords on wireless devices is now complete. You can now connect your wireless or wired devices to your new configurations.

How do I upgrade the Firmware of my D-Link Router DIR-890? dlinkrouter.local

ON NEW GUI – WHITE AND BLUE ( dlink router login page )

Follow the steps below to upgrade your Firmware directly using the D-Link Web-based interface.
Login into the D- Link architecture express by applying www.dlinkrouter.local
To know how to login to the D-link page configuration, take a look at the previous article and follow the steps.

  • You are now you are D-Link Web configuration page Original GUI
  • Log in to D-Link’s D-Link configuration page using dlinkrouter.local.
  • On Homepage. Click on Management, then click on
  • On the page for upgrading On the Upgrade page, select the check for a new firmware. If the updated version is compatible with the network, this site will give you how to install it.
  • Upgrade Manually – Click Choose File Show Browser Download file for the latest firmware version. Download your New version Firmware via the D-Link Support page.
  • Click Upload to start the upgrade of the Firmware.

Don’t turn off the router between the steps, and do not load or refresh the configuration page.
Firmware Update is completed now. The router will be restarted after which you must take a few seconds to connect your device.

Be assured to download the exact interpretation of Firmware. If you’re not sure regarding the device or Firmware version, you can consult the manual for your device or look up the the router’s page for configuration.